<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/55/43/25/86/190520101628.jpg?t=1571825863"><br>This elegant historic home, one of a row of four built in 1873, has been smartly divided into three separate living units with three electric meters, a brand new elevator and one-car garage! The main living space occupies the top two floors and includes a front parlor spanning the entire width of the house with three gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony. There is a carriage house rental above the garage, as well as a roomy one bedroom unit on the garden level. A beautifully re-bricked courtyard ties it all together. Perfect space for an owner wanting to live in a well-located Historic Landmark District townhome while enjoying the income from two additional units. Very desirable neighborhood. Potential for short term vacation rentals if you homestead and live in one of the units. For information and pictures sent instantly to your mobile device: Text &quot;31401&quot; to 79564.<br>